Our Staff


We have Caring Educators with Decades of Experience in Child Care

Lollipop Lane is very proud of our long term, caring Educators, who take pride in their relationships with the centre, our families and children.

Miss Mel, Centre Director

Mel Lewis – "Miss Mel”

Centre Director

  • Lollipop Lane Centre Director since 2016

  • Has been an integral part of the Lollipop Lane family for over 15 years

I have been at Lollipop Lane now for 15 years and throughout my time at the Centre I have been an Educator and Room Leader in every room in our service plus additional roles including being the Kitchen Supervisor as well as developing and implementing our current Swimming program. I was Assistant Director from  2014 and have been Centre Director now since 2016. I love the leadership opportunity to put the passion I have for childcare into everything we do at Lollipop Lane.

What can I say, I know and love this Centre! Every decision is guided by my overarching aim to guide and support parent and educator relationships and always put children first. I am passionate about bringing nature into our children’s lives and sustainable living and I look forward to continued developments and improvements to our centre.

Miss Jodie, Assistant Centre Director

Jodie Tucker – "Miss Jodie"

Assistant Centre Director

  • Lollipop Lane Assistant Director since 2016

  • Over 25 years experience in the childcare sector and an integral part of the Lollipop family since 2013

I have worked at Lollipop Lane since 2013 and have been an Assistant Director since 2016. As Assistant Director, I love leading and mentoring our staff and developing my relationships with the children and families who attend the centre. I am a mother myself to two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Lola, and I am passionate about guiding and supporting children to be their best and building their confidence in an environment of trust.  Having over 25 years’ experience in the childcare sector I can honestly say Lollipop Lane is one of the happiest and rewarding places I have had the pleasure of working at.

Miss Del, Assistant Centre Director

Del Sly – “Del # 1"

Assistant Centre Director

  • Lollipop Lane Assistant Director since 2016

  • An integral part of the Lollipop family since 2004

I have worked now at Lollipop Lane for over 14 years. I enjoy being very active [Editor’s Note - we can’t get her to ever stop!!!] and love putting my energy into Lollipop Lane.  I always look forward to getting to know ourchildren, families and parents and ensuring that their time at Lollipop Lane is the best it can be. I am an AustSwim qualified swim teacher and love teaching in our outdoor pool, perfect for helping little ones learn to swim and teaching them water survival skills.

Miss Ashley, Educational Leader

Ashley Connor – “Miss Ashley”

  • Lollipop Lane ECT and Educational Leader since 2014

I have worked at Lollipop Lane for 4 years and work with our children in the Kindergarten program. I enjoy building positive relationships with all the children and watching them grow in confidence with their skills and abilities. Our aim for our Kindy program is to provide a nurturing and memorable learning environment and to be a place where our families can feel confident that their children are learning and happy. It is rewarding to see our little ones become eager learners and to help prepare them for the transition to  ‘Big School’!

Miss Lara, ECT

Lara Kenny – ‘Miss Lara’

  • Lollipop Lane ECT since February 2018

I have been a registered Early Childhood Teacher for over 10 years. In this time I have travelled around Australia and taught in remote towns. I have two beautiful daughters and a loving husband. My main goal as an Educator is to make a positive difference in the life of every child I work with. I started teaching at Lollipop Lane in 2018 in the preschool room and work to support our Kindergarten program with strong foundations from the Early Years Framework program. I am a passionate Educator and love to help children learn and believe we can make positive differences to the lives of our students.

The staff are so friendly, helpful and they are great with the little ones, it is like a second home for us. I would highly recommend Lollipop Lane to any parent.
— Chris Alexander
Miss Jahnavi, Room Leader

Jahnavi Crawford -'Miss Jahnavi'

  • Lollipop Lane Room Leader and Educational Leader since 2006

  • Has been an integral part of the Lollipop family since 2005

I have worked at Lollipop Lane for over 13 years. I have worked with all age groups and currently lead the team in one of our Nipper’s rooms. As a mother myself I understand the joys that children bring to our lives and aim to support our families through these important early years. My role as Educational Leader is rewarding as I am able to support and  guide my fellow Educators to implement our fabulous learning programs here at Lollipop Lane.


Antonia Kenwright – ‘Miss Antonia’

  • Lollipop Lane Room Leader and WHS Coordinator

  • Integral part of Lollipop family since 2011

I left New Zealand in 2006 and moved to the Gold Coast with my Husband and Son for a brighter future and never looked back. Once my family and I were settled from all the changes of a new country and life style, I felt it was time to go back to work. I have been  in the childcare industry since I was 18 and over all these years , I have had wonderful opportunities of caring for many children, watching them grow from babies, all the way to leaving kindy and going off to ‘big school’, to becoming parents and enrolling their own children .

I found my place at Lollipop Lane during my studies for my Australian Certificate 111 in Children Services. With Lollipop Lane’s support and encouragement over the years I have been able to continue my education and have now successfully completed my Diploma in Children Services. I Love working with children and when anyone one asks I tell them “This is my dream job”.