A visit from the Dentist!

Welcome Luz the Dentist

Luz the Dentist visited with the Starfish rooms, to teach us how to care for our teeth and what to expect when you visit the dentist. The children were able to try on the safety glasses, masks and gloves that a dentist uses. Luz read us a book about going to the dentist and then we were able to brush her Crocodile’s teeth!

Thank you Luz for sharing your valuable time and knowledge with us.


Learn Rock n Roll with Mel!

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Lollipop Rockers for 3–5 year olds

As you may know our wonderful Director Melissa has a talent for Rock n Roll Dance, she has wowed the audiences at our Christmas Concerts and is now ready to share her knowledge by teaching dance to our children.

Lollipop Rockers classes will be held on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 3pm.

Classes are $10 and are for 3-5-year olds.

Mel is putting together a dance team at the moment so pop into the office to sign up your girls and boys now!

Lollipop Rockers will be showing their first showcase at the Christmas Concert this year!

We can’t wait to see them perform!

*We need BOYS for partners*


Upcycling = Fun and Creativity

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Please keep bringing us your boxes, bottles, and cardboard rolls!

We are loving your contributions of things like boxes, bottles, cardboard rolls etc. Our children are especially enjoying getting creative with them, building some amazing creations. Such a great way to introduce ideas about recycling and respect for our earth.

Please remember to pop your recyclables into our collection boxes. Thanks!

The Rainbow Eagle Show

Rainbow Eagle visits

Rainbow Eagle teaches us about caring for the environment and being responsible world citizens.

Rainbow Eagle told us stories about our native animals, waterways and oceans, he teaches us to respect them and take care of them for example by putting our rubbish in the bin.

Rainbow Eagle played the didgeridoo for us and we could hear animal sounds within the music, it was amazing.

We love Rainbow Eagles visits with us and learning a little about our Indigenous culture and the environment.

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