National Schools Tree Day


Starfish Red tree planting!

The children of Starfish Red planted a Grey Myrtle tree in our garden. Ms Ash talked with the children about why trees are important to our environment, what trees need to grow and stay healthy and how to care for our new tree. This particular tree will flower and attract birds, we hope to see some soon! Some of the children have been bringing their parents up to visit with the tree and show off their work. Have you been over to see it yet?


Bluey the Blue Tongue


Friendly Blue Tongue Lizards!

Lollipop Lane is lucky to have some friendly Blue Tongue Lizards that pop in for little visits occasionally. The children love to be able to see them and give them a little pat on the back before we release them.

The lizards live up in our back yard, so we pop them back up there after we say a quick hello. We hope to teach the children to value and be kind to our native animals and environment.

Reminder: Allergy Alert


Lollipop Lane is a Nut & Egg Free Centre.

This is to ensure the health & safety of our children who live with these serious allergies.

We ask that you do not bring Nut Milks, Nuts or Eggs into our centre for this reason. Please make sure that any foods brought to Lollipop Lane do not contain these ingredients and are labelled with your child’s name today’s date and the name of the meal. Please hand all meals to a staff member to check and store appropriately.

We do not make this request lightly, it is for the safety of our children.



What a fantastic month July was! We celebrated NAIDOC week with the children, learning so many fantastic things about the culture of our First People. We love NAIDOC week and all the learning it inspires in the generations of tomorrow.

Thanks to every one for participating in Pyjama Day. The children loved wearing their PJ’s to school, showing them off to their friends and just being snuggly all day.

Mr Sportsman visits on Thursdays


Physical activities to learn and master!

Mr Sportsman visits Starfish Red every Thursday with loads of physical activities to learn and master.

In this lesson we learnt about hopping, Mr Sportsman challenged us to hop over the ladder with our right foot, then our left foot.  

Hopping involves dynamic balance, with the non-hopping side adding counterbalance and force to assist with the continuous forwards and upwards movement. Hopping is a component of many other fundamental skills, (e.g. in skipping and kicking for distance, in sports like athletics (component of triple jump) and in dance activities)

The children have shown great development and confidence in their physical skills and enjoyment in the sports program.

Magic Mike the Magician

Magic Mike the Magician

Mike the magician made his annual visit to Lollipop Lane, as usual he wowed the audience with his amazing magic tricks. The children were amazed at the magic and loved his humour and funny tricks. At the end of the show we got to pet his magical bunny rabbit which we all loved.